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Kano State to Increase Hibiscus Production and Export

The state government has made significant efforts to ensure the spread of hibiscus flower growing in the state, according to Dr. Yusuf Jibrin Rurum, commissioner of agriculture and natural resources for Kano State.

The largest hibiscus fumigation facility in Africa, which is located in the state and is run by Mumin Foods and Pharmaceuticals Limited, was the location where the commissioner made this announcement.

He stated that the state is pleased to see indigenous investors succeeding in the exports of hibiscus flowers and promised that the government would work to ensure that the industry soon experienced a significant expansion.

“It’s interesting to see indigenous people managing and owning such a significant investment. We have witnessed both the introduction of new technologies and the associated procedures.

This is what we want to see our indigenous business community doing, and as a state, we’ll make sure it keeps growing, he said.

Also, it is planned to promote widespread flower exports in order to generate foreign cash for both private investors and the government.