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Hibiscus Flower

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Elevate your offerings with our Premium Dried Hibiscus Leaves, boasting vibrant color, tangy flavor, and health benefits. Also available in bulk, perfect for retailers, wholesalers, and processors.

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Hibiscus Flower - 1000lbs 1000(lbs) $3,050.00
Hibiscus Flower - 26448-ibs 26448 (Ibs) $48,928.80

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Dried hibiscus flowers are a culinary gem that combines visual elegance, bold tangy flavor, and a package of antioxidants. The rich burgundy or deep crimson flower petals elevate the culinary creation while its subtle citrus undertones add a refreshing twist to the recipe. That’s what our Premium Dried Hibiscus Flowers are all about. They are renowned for their vibrant color, tangy flavor, and diverse health benefits. Sourced from premium growers, our flowers are perfect for various commercial applications, from culinary recipes to natural health products.

Elevate your offerings by incorporating bulk hibiscus flowers into your inventory, providing a versatile ingredient for retailers, wholesalers, and processors. Our high-quality hibiscus flower, available in bulk, offer a burst of color and flavor to teas, infusions, and culinary delights, allowing you to cater to a broad spectrum of customer preferences. Contact our hibiscus flower dried suppliers and embrace the vibrancy and nutritional richness of our Premium Dried Hibiscus Flower, setting your products apart in the market.


1. Production Information Product name: Dried Hibiscus Flower

  •  Product conforms to all Provision of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as amended.
  •  Product is manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice.

2. Parameter

Color (Visual): Reddish/ Dark Red
Odor: Characteristics of the product
Moisture Content: 16.72%
Total Ash: 8% max.
Acid Insoluble Ash: 1.35%
Total crude Protein: 4.96%</td
Insect Infection: Not Detected
Weed Seeds: Not Detected
Arsenic, mg/kg: Not Detected
Lead, mg/kg: Not Detected
Cadmium: Not Detected
Gluten, %: Not Detected</td
Carbohydrate, %: 69.88%

3. Packaging and Storage

  •  Dried hibiscus flowers, available in bulk, are packed in Polyethylene bags labelled with product name, country of origin, and number of batches.
  • Storage shall be under cool and dry conditions, away from outer walls and any source of water.

4. Estimated shelf life: 24 months

  • Ships Immediately
  • Packaging -25kg bags
  • Ships from Dallas,TX