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Nigeria Ushers in Agritourism Era with Inauguration of Revolutionary Village Project

In a remarkable development, Nigeria has inaugurated its first Agro-tourism Village in Oyo State, marking a significant step forward in the country’s Agritourism sector. The initiative is a collaboration between the World Agro Tourism Organization, the Catholic Archdiocese of Ibadan, and the Offer Center Institute of Agriculture, aiming to empower 2 million Nigerian youths through agritourism villages across Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones.

The President of the World Agro Tourism Organization, Trust Henry-Ogboi, elucidates that the project will combine agriculture and tourism, creating an all-inclusive reform in these sectors. Once operational, the village will serve as an agro-business and agro-technology hub for young Nigerians. It will not only be a planting center but also an industrial zone, focusing on maximizing returns on farmers’ investments.

Rev. Fr. Bernard Azeez, Director of Lanlate Youth Initiative, emphasized the significance of the event, noting that the Catholic Archdiocese of Ibadan’s 500-hectare land donation aims to involve young minds in agriculture and support Nigeria’s economic diversification efforts.

Addressing the agricultural challenges, Azeez underlined the need to shift the nation’s focus from oil to agriculture and convince the youth about the profitability of agribusiness. Mrs. Florence Akulo, from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, further added that this initiative aligns with the broader goal of restructuring and securing a sustainable agritourism sector for overall food security.

Local community leaders expressed excitement for the project and requested swift actions to benefit the local population. The event also involved cashew seedlings planting, symbolizing the project’s commencement, and awarding various military and paramilitary agencies for their contributions. The new agritourism village promises to revolutionize Nigeria’s agritourism sector and provide immense opportunities for the local youth.