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Developing Agribusiness: Innovation and Global Best Practices

In an effort to bridge knowledge gaps and facilitate agribusiness growth, the French government and JR Farms, a Nigerian firm, have partnered to conduct an intensive eight-week training program for African and Nigerian farmers. This groundbreaking initiative, set to kick off in February 2024, underscores France’s commitment to bolstering African agribusiness through innovation, world-class farming techniques, and stakeholder engagement.

Training will be delivered at three esteemed institutes in France, culminating in the issuance of certificates to the participants. According to Dr. Sonia Darracq, the Senior Agriculture Counsellor of the French Embassy Nigeria/West Africa, this partnership exemplifies France’s dedication to modernizing agricultural education in Nigeria, supported by funds from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Development Agency (AFD).

The program aims not only to provide technical knowledge, but also to foster networking opportunities and strengthen diplomatic ties between France and Nigeria. “We believe this pioneering initiative will spur significant growth in Nigeria’s and Africa’s agribusiness sectors,” stated Darracq.

Echoing this sentiment, Olawale Rotimi Opeyemi, CEO of JR Farms Global Operations, highlighted the importance of this initiative. He identified the vast potential of African agribusiness and expressed confidence that this training would help combat the knowledge deficiency hindering its development.