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Seeds of Opportunity: Dublin Hosts Nigeria-Ireland Agriculture & Investment Conference

Dublin is poised to become the epicenter of a game-changing three-day partnership investment conference from 27th to 29th October 2023. The initiative, spearheaded by an ensemble of professionals and policymakers from Nigeria and Ireland, seeks to fortify bilateral trade ties between the two nations.

Mrs. Edizemi Onilenla (popularly known as Mamashee), the CEO of Mansions Foods and Executive Convener INGA, unveiled the conference’s intent, outlining its expansive focus on domains like aviation, agriculture, tech, education, health, and infrastructure. According to her, the event aims to reignite historical connections, foster business dialogues, and spark new collaborations.

The conference is especially crucial in addressing challenges like the absence of direct flights between Nigeria and Ireland. Edizemi emphasized the event’s role in exploring how diasporas can facilitate resilient trade connections between the nations.

She pointed out, “Nigeria, Africa’s economic giant, is becoming increasingly appealing to Irish investors. While Nigerians have traditionally sought partnerships in the UK, France, Asia, and North America, it’s high time we harness the vast opportunities awaiting in Ireland.”

Highlighting past collaborations, Edizemi reminisced about Irish investments in Nigeria, notably the iconic Guinness brand’s legacy. The conference aims to rekindle such relations and capitalize on the burgeoning Nigerian diaspora in Ireland.

Edizemi, a notable Nigerian entrepreneur flourishing in Ireland, is hopeful about the conference’s potential impact. She envisions the event facilitating cultural exchanges, unveiling the rich tapestries of both nations, and paving the path for unparalleled economic cooperation.

Drawing from her experiences in both countries, she confidently remarked, “This conference will not only open new avenues but will also fortify the bonds that have stood the test of time.”